Before & After

Here is a sample of what our group was dealing with when we formed and began to tackle the graveyard. Graveyards are emotive places and not everyone wants a pristine, tidy space – but our aim is to reintroduce manageable biodiversity to the space while retaining access to the integrity of the monuments within.

Ward Forum Grant

Thanks to a Ward Forum grant from Calderdale Council, and donations from helpful members of the public, we’ve been able to begin the process of levelling subsidence in the graveyard by bringing in soil. It’s hard work but we’re getting there, and have had many compliments about the improved accessibility from family members of those buried here. Some hadn’t felt safe to visit in years; it’s good to know you’ve been part of creating a real change for these people.

Huge improvements have taken place since these early days – our Facebook group is a great place to keep up to date with our activities and see progress in real time.