Here you can download four monumental inscription transcripts – one for the public area of Christ Church graveyard, one for the private area, one for the Garden of Rest, and one for the graves under the school extension. Here is where we will also add other MI transcripts undertaken as part of cooperation with other churches and chapels or as additional exercises.

The public area transcript PDF includes information about those in unmarked graves, where known, as well as maps of that area – yellow graves are those with stones, grey are unmarked plots.

Graves in the private area were retranscribed thanks to the kind permission and assistance of the church’s owners, and we’d ask researchers to respect their privacy and make do with this instead. Any photo requests for gravestones in this area should be directed to us at – we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Please also remember that not every burial has a corresponding gravestone, and just because a burial appears on websites such as FindAGrave does not mean that we can find a stone, or even a burial plot. The surviving burials book was not complete.

The Garden of Rest transcript may seem to have a lot of blank spaces within it, but that’s because we are still assembling address information from the burial registers. Not all the registers that cover the relevant dates are available to us but at least the names are there. There is no sexton’s book for these markers, and they themselves almost never include a date, so it’s a slow process. Better to have this little bit of information now than nothing at all.

The school extension transcript is based entirely off of what little sexton’s book information was available, and no proper photographic or physical transcription attempt was ever made prior to the current extension being built in 2017. One was carried out in the 1980s by Youth Opportunity Scheme youngsters but it is understandably vague, and contains a number of inaccuracies. Some stones we have managed to confirm the inscriptions on thanks to photographs, or because the stones have been moved from their proper place to outside the extension walls, but we are still in search of photographs of more stones so please get in touch if you have any. It, too, is in the process of being neatened up and formatted similarly to the public yard transcript.

Other MI transcripts

Our transcript for Blackshaw Head Methodist Chapel also incorporates information from their burial registers and binders full of death, burial and cremation certficates, as well as coroner’s orders and handwritten letters.