21.41 – Elizabeth Bradbury and Nellie and Charles Martin Saville (previously unmarked)

While checking the TAS transcript we discovered some tumbled sidestones that marked a previously “unmarked” grave. The sexton’s book had already told us that Elizabeth (Stringfellow) Bradbury was here, but no one had recorded Charles Martin and Nellie Saville’s burials here except for on these stones. Nellie was Elizabeth’s daughter. How they all got here (while alive) is unknown – Charles and Nellie married in Swansea, and Elizabeth and Nellie were born in Manchester and Oldham respectively. But there we are.

Elizabeth’s husband John William was an “iron turner and cycle agent” – two jobs! – in 1911, and Nellie, still at home, worked as a photo camera fitter.

Charles died in 1960 living at Oak Avenue, and Nellie died in 1977 living at Lineholme Avenue. Did anyone here know them? Their only daughter, Eileen, married Eric Hall in 1942. This would be an excellent opportunity for someone to “find” and adopt some lesser-known relatives.

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