36.23 – John, James, Deborah and Susey Mills

This one isn’t a big write up, but there’s a name here which is missing and that we wished to reunite – more on that at the end. The inscription reads:

“In loving memory of John Mills of Spring Vale, Walsden, who died March 25th 1885 aged 64 years .

Also of James son of the above who died May 21st 1864, aged 12 years .

Also an infant.

Also of Susey, wife of the above John Mills, who died January 5th 1892 , aged 74 years.

John Mills was born in Walsden in 1821, and married Susey Fielden in August 1845. He worked several labouring positions over the years, from a power loom weaver to an iron foundry worker. Susey stayed at home, and they had seven children over the course of their marriage, from 1846 through 1861. In 1881 they were living at 4 California, Walsden, with their son John and his own family living at 1 California. Aged 60, John Sr. was still working at the iron foundry. He died in 1885 at Spring Vale.

Back to the infant. “An infant”…she had a name once, which was then lost in time and memory. She was named Deborah. The only proof of her existence is through her birth and death registration. We can’t find any baptism or burial record and her name doesn’t show up in the Sexton records either.

Deborah Mills; now this little one has her name back.

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