53.54 – Betty, John, William, John Barker. and Charlotte Crabtree

This headstone is in many parts illegible, and is in the part of the graveyard where a sexton’s book was no longer in existence at the time of the first MI transcript’s creation, so we don’t have any information on those in marked graves beyond what’s on the stone, or indeed who is in the unmarked ones. With the help of the burial records, census pages and newspaper searches, we believe that we’ve managed to find all the family members on this headstone:

  1. Betty Crabtree (the daughter of John and Charlotte Crabtree). Died 30th December 1870, aged 27 years (abode Garden Street). Buried 4th January 1871.
  2. John Crabtree (a cotton warper). Died 29th December 1873, aged 70 years (abode 9 Prince Street). Buried 1st January 1874.
  3. William Henry Crabtree (the son of John and Mary Crabtree). A cotton weaver. Died 22nd August 1874, aged 24 (abode Patmos). Buried 26th August 1874.
  4. John Barker Crabtree (the son of James and Mary Crabtree and the grandson of John and Charlotte Crabtree). Died 28th December 1873, aged 1 year and 6 months (abode 9 Prince Street). Buried 1st January 1874, the same day as his Grandfather.
  5. Charlotte Crabtree (wife of John Crabtree and maidenly Charlotte Taylor). Died 13th September 1879, aged 70 years (abode 3 Patmos). Buried 17th September 1879.

This is why we go to the effort of confirming and sharing this info for the sake of posterity – the condition of the stone will only get worse over time.

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