V2.9 – Thompson and Harriet Helliwell

From the Todmorden and District News, March 14th 1913:

Death of Mr. Thompson Helliwell, J. P.

After a comparatively short period of illness Mr. Thompson Helliwell, J.P., of Holly Bank, Walsden, passed away last Friday, from heart failure. A few months ago the deceased gentleman, who had reached the age of 75 years, had a rather severe fall, and although he did not attach much importance to this unforeseen incident at the time, unfortunately he never seemed to rally from the ill effects. He had been confined to bed five or six weeks but had practically been an invalid for the greater part of the current year. Mr. Helliwell leaves a widow and a grown-up daughter to mourn their loss.

Deceased was a native of the Cornholme district and in the seventies was connected with the Pudsey Bobbin Works. About 35 years ago he entered the service of Messrs. Ormerod Taylor and Company, drysalters and chemical manufacturers, Sunvale Works, Walsden, in the role of commercial traveller. He continued in this capacity for a long number of years, and some time about ten years ago when the concern was put into the market at Manchester Mr. Helliwell became the purchaser; and, we believe, it was but a short time after the purchase that the concern was converted into a limited company, with Mr. Helliwell as the chief director. Deceased had also much to do with the formation of the Pioneer Mill Co. and had, as a matter of fact, been chairman of the board of directors from its formation.

Mr. Helliwell married a Miss [Harriet] Morgan, who was engaged as a school teacher under the old Todmorden School Board, and after residing at Stones-villas took up residence at Holly Bank many years ago.

Mr. Helliwell was not a man who figured at all greatly in the public eye; on the contrary he was of a most unostentatious and retiring disposition. He subscribed freely to deserving local institutions and had particularly proved himself ever willing to assist the Walsden Cricket Club and the Walsden Temperance Brass Band. He had, by the way, been president of both these institutions for many years, and we recall how, when the question of a tea-room for the cricket club was mooted, Mr. Helliwell in a mild note to the secretary intimated his willingness to help the project forward. He ultimately made a free present to the organisation of a handsome structure fitted with the necessary apparatus and utensils, and at a later stage when an extension was considered necessary he insisted on defraying the additional expenses thus incurred. In politics Mr. Helliwell was an ardent Liberal. In religion he was a thorough Churchman. When the news of his death became known the flags at the Town Hall, Walsden Liberal Club and Walsden cricket pavilion were floated half-mast as a token of respect.

Walsden Temperance Brass Band with Helliwell seated, centre – date unknown (courtesy of Jonathan Greenwood)

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