V2.8 – Mary Hannah Law

The beautiful grave of Mary Hannah (Crabtree) Law, born in 1868 and passing away just before New Year’s in 1915 at the age of 47.

From June 2023:

“Mary lived at the Shepherds Rest Inn with her husband, John Arthur Law and helped her sister Betsy to run the pub whilst Betsy and her husband Charles Walton were the Landlady and Landlord until 1908. It appears that Mary’s husband John became the “Beer House Keeper” after that, certainly until Mary’s death where he inherited over £71 from her.

Mary is buried in the vaults and I have tidied her grave but cannot do much else until the tree stumps are dead and removed.”

Watch this space…the group member looking after this grave is making a BIG difference in the vaults, with the help of other group members of course, and this grave won’t stay dishevelled for long…

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